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    Photos     27-09-2009          - China, Tibet and Nepal expedition      
    Updated 22-06-2008     I have now started to look into my next trip in the Christmas holiday.      
          On my last trip to Nepal I really fell in love with the country, the people and the culture.      
      Therefore I have decided to go back this Christmas. This time I will try to combine the trip with Tibet,      
          which is another country that have been fascinating me for a long time.      
          I have now booked plane tickets.      
      From Billund to Beijing, China, on the 12th of December.      
          From Kathmandu to Billund, on the 8th of January.      
          Link to planning page      
          27-09-2009          - Vacation in the sea south of Funen      
          All my vacation planes went bad, because I wanted to much, and was waiting too long before deciding    
          where to go, and to make the necessary bookings.      
          My good friend Flemming surprised me with an invitation to go sailing. This I was not quit sure of.       
          Spending a week on a boat with 3 others?       
          I was not quit sure how this vacation would be when I left to meet my friend to go sailing for 8 days.        
          We took over a sailing boat in the sea south of Funen.      
      I was surprised because we had an amazing trip sailing around in the sea south of Funen. We sailed       
          from one small beautiful island to the next.      
          What looked to end up as a crappy vacation, ended up with an amazing and surprising vacation.      
      Hope he asks me again next time.      
      Check out the pictures.      
      10-02-2009          - Trekking in Nepal     05-07-2008    
          I got home on the 11th of January after spending 4 weeks in Nepal.      
      The trip did not go as planned due to problems with both knees. One was worn hard and the other       
      injured after the expedition to Mt. Elbrus this summer. Both knees wasn't ready to do much climbing      
      in the Himalayas.      
      I did go into the mountains, I did a lot of trekking and I went for culture trip 500-1.000 years back in      
      time, and fell in love with an amazing country with incredible people.      
          18-08-2008          - Reconstruction of homepage          
      I have had some issues with my homepage, which means that I have now decided to do some     07-03-2007    
      reconstruction of the site.  
      This main page will be available during the reconstruction for information's etc.      
      The link to my photos will also be available during the reconstruction.      
      18-08-2008          - Expedition to Mt. Elbrus      
      On the 22nd of July at 10.10 local time we reached the top of Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus     Reached the top of Kilimanjaro on the    
      in Caucasus, Russia.     8th of February 2007    
      This was two amazing weeks in the wild mountains of Caucasus.          
      Before climbing Mt. Elbrus we went on two 3 days treks in the wild mountains. On the treks we climbed   05-01-2007    
      several other peaks on around 3.800 and 4.000 meter.    
      This was my first gletscher climbing and it might not be the last one.        
      Check the pictures under Photos        
      05-07-2008          - Expedition to Mt. Elbrus     Kilimanjaro expedition 2007    
      On the 12th of July 2008 the next larger challenge is starting. This is the expedition to Mt. Elbrus        
      which is the highest mountain in Europe. With the 5.643 m it is higher than Mont Blanc. The Mt. Elbrus   02-01-2007    
      actually has 12 peaks that are higher than Mont Blanc.    
      Mt. Elbrus is located in Caucasus in the southern Russia.        
      This will be my first gletscher climbing so this is a real challenge.        
      On the site you will tour description for each day, weather report for the mountain and inspirational        
        In august 2006 I participated in a half     
      07-03-2007          - Kilimanjaro     marathon in Greenaa.    
      On the 4th of February I started the expedition to the top of Kilimanjaro with 14 others.           
      The primary goal was The Rooftop of Africa to enjoy the sunrise in 5.895 meters.        
      On the 8th of February at 07.00, I and the last 5 from the team reached the top, and the 5.895 meters.    
      It was an amazing view that when the sun raised. It was an amazing view from the top.        
      The homepage and the part of Kilimanjaro will be updated soon.        
      02-01-2007          - Kilimanjaro        
      It is now time for a new challenge, that I have been looking into for more than a year by now.     One of the biggest event for me this year    
      The challenge is to climb the Kilimanjaro, Rooftop of Africa. The Kilimanjaro is the largest     will be The Le Mans in June 2006    
      mountain in Africa and reaches 5.895 meter. The trip to the top and down is planned to last 7 days.          
      The trip is from the 01-02-07 till the 23-02-07.     07-04-2006    
      This page will be updated with info soon.    
      07-03-2007          - Challenges      
      I have started gathering all me ideas of things that I would like to try out. A lot of these ideas is more       
      or less challenges, because they are about fear and moving limits.      
      The plan is to take these challenges and experience the limits being moved, the adrenalin and the      
      fear while you for example jump out of an airplane in 1.000 meter etc.     Do you know what you want in life?    
            What are your dreams    
      This is one of the things that I have learned from having cancer…      Here you find my dreams and my challenges,  
      … there are thing that we really want to try out… but we never do it… now I have started to do them     and when I have put them to life.    
      We all feel living life differently, and I feel living life when I experience limits being moved, adrenalin,        
      other cultures, traveling… and challenges… experience things that I would not imagine…     25-03-2006    
      …but I have learned that I have to create it my self…        
      I heard a Chinese saying, that actually say it all….

"dream like you live for ever… and live life like you should die tomorrow…"
      Check out…        
      These three headlines contains what I believe is living life…     Depeche Mode concert in the PARK in    
            Copenhagen, on the 25-02-2006    
      There is a date for when the challenge is listed and a date for when it is carried out.          
      27-02-2006          - Homepage started     18-03-2006    
      Today I have started my homepage, and started uploading the first release of the homepage.        
      I expect to upload new releases along the creation of the homepage.        
      Here on the right you will find the latest updates on the WEB page.        
      The latest update is always the one on the top, so that it will be easy for you to fin the latest update.         
      25-02-2006          - Depeche Mode        
      This was the day we went to Copenhagen to see and to experience Depeche Mode perform in the        
       “Park”.  Depeche Mode has gone on a tour with their new album “Playing the angel”, and one of their      
       stop on the tour was Copenhagen.     This is a link to The Great Wall of China,    
            which I had the opportunity to visit in May  
      After this concert I look forward to see them again in Århus in June 2006.     2004.    
      Pictures from the concert is now available.        
      Link to pictures        
      Articles about the band and members are also available.        
      Link to articles